The Myth of:”It’s all in your head”

Did anyone ever tell you phrases such as: “It’s all in your head! You just have to change your way of thinking, your perception will change, your life will change!”
Or you told yourself that all you need to do is change your thoughts, think positive but somehow it didn’t work or if it did, only for a limited period of time?

Well here is my experience with this simple sounding yet sometimes devastating statement:
It was 6 or 7 years ago when I came across “The work”, by Byron Katie. I remember watching one of her videos and it clicked!
I found exactly what I was looking for!
I purchased her first book and devoured it.

It was as if she was talking about exactly my problems, my pain, my fears….as if she was sitting right next to me understanding what it is I needed in that moment.
When I finished reading I felt so relieved, I have found a tool to help me stay in the here and now, 100% connected to who I really am! Wow!

The state I was in is similar to something people describe who have taken psychedelic drugs:
I was completely open, no boundaries, everything I experienced was on a level of intensity I can’t really put in words, the colours were so intensive, the taste of food was enhanced, the beauty I saw around me was breathtaking, the beauty of the people I talked to was shining through no matter what they said, it was the most amazing experience I ever had!

This state lasted for 2 weeks or so and then, one day, my husband said something to me….I even don’t remember what it was but it felt in that moment as if someone pushed me off a cliff…..
I lost the ground under my feet and I fell…..fell into a deep hole….a dark terribly frightening state of being where I didn’t know who I was anymore.

This went on for a couple of weeks until I found my balance again building up my boundaries to protect myself of feeling hurt.

In retrospective and after having become a TRE provider which
helped me understand Trauma on a much deeper level, I realised
that an aspect such as my husband’s tone, facial expression, or his words triggered a traumatic event that was stored deep in my body
and it surfaced just like a volcanic eruption!

These events don’t have to be major Trauma such as sexual abuse, physical abuse, neglect in childhood etc.,
A sentence such as:” I am really disappointed in your poor performance at school….”, coming from one of the parents can be devastating for a child.

That is an example that even something minor can be a traumatic experience if the child feels helpless and/or overwhelmed in that moment. The body stiffens, goes into freeze mode and unless the body isn’t given the opportunity to release this stuck energy, it stays there.
And then later on in life, even a minor incident can become a trigger!

So all these spiritual teachers like Byron Katie, Eckhart Tolle, Tony Robbins, LOA, should be handled carefully as people with serious, at times hidden Trauma could fall real deep and sometimes won’t recover.

I was lucky I had self-help tools and support from caring and loving people that helped me find the balance I needed to carry on in my life.

And another important point to consider: I came across Byron Katie in a time of my life where I was frustrated, felt stuck and was looking to improve my life.
That makes it even more dangerous: When you feel down, vulnerable, not loved……that’s the time you are most prone to these ideas.

I am sure all these teachers don’t want any harm, in contrary, they want you to grow spiritually in order to become happier, healthier and carefree.

As I said: They must be handled with care!


I must admit that I’ve neglected my EFT practice in the last year and I am more than happy to incorporate it back into my practice.
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Adi Assodri has been helping people release negative emotions, stress and trauma for over 20 years.
She has attended workshops in Europe and Israel to study with the best trainers available.
Through her expertise, experience, and years of studying numerous self-help techniques, Adi has developed her own unique approach to healing the body/mind.
She has also worked with elementary school children teaching them how to let go of negative emotions, and become more centered and joyful.