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Post Traumatic Stress Is Not a Disorder

Post Traumatic Stress Is Not a Disorder This is a topic that is very close to my heart and therefore I would like to share my thoughts with you: It is PTS(D). There is a reason I put the "D" in brackets and I will elaborate on that: Post Traumatic Stress is not a...

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How could I be so stupid!

How Could I be so Stupid! The story I am going to tell you today is about something that happened to me app. 2 months ago: I was quite desperate about not being able to get people subscribe to my workshops.Therefore I was brainstorming with friends here and abroad. A...

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The myth of:”It’s all in your head”

The Myth of:"It's all in your head" Did anyone ever tell you phrases such as: "It's all in your head! You just have to change your way of thinking, your perception will change, your life will change!" Or you told yourself that all you need to do is change your...

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Leaving my comfort zone

Leaving my comfort zone A couple of weeks ago I came back from a family vacation. For a week my husband, kids and I travelled in and around Munich, where my parents live. Luckily we had wonderful weather and so one day we decided to drive up a hill by a chairlift...

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Why can’t you just listen?

Why can't you just listen? Summer vacation is almost over and I hope you had the chance to relax and maybe even travel? As usual I was sitting in front of my computer thinking: "Ok, what the heck will I write about in my newsletter.....", feeling frustrated as I don't...

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Can anyone cause us pain?

Can anyone cause us pain? As I’m writing, tears a rolling down my cheeks…. I am super vulnerable at the moment and yes I could stop in an instant my feeling of hurt by shifting my mind but I don’t want to because I really want to explore the raw emotion. I asked my...

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Getting Naked

Getting Naked No, there won't be naked picks of any kind in this newsletter 🙂 (Maybe in the next one 🙂 ) No, this is about telling you a story about desperation, taking action and the outcome. It's my story. It happened this month: Lately I had a lot of expenses...

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Taking care of everyone, including myself

Taking care of everyone, including myself I hope you're doing fine and had pleasant Passover holidays. I must admit that mine weren't easy......My parents - dad is 89 and mom 86 - are here on vacation, staying in my home for the last couple of weeks. Putting my life...

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We are all connected

We are all connected Again I’m sitting in front of my laptop wondering what to write…..there’s so much going on in the world….just read the news…..the whole world seems to go crazy…’s 1am and after reading through the news I don’t see how I can go to sleep… I...

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